Giving the best that you can in everything that you do makes sense. We only have a hundred years to live and it would be nice to leave this world making a difference.


Be so good in whatever you do!

Live a happy life. 🙂


Investment Video for Kids, Funny, Social Proof, Stock Thoughts: Strengthening Peso Follow Up, BDO vs BPI

Investment Video for Kids

Will your kids be interested about investing if he/she will be able to watch this 3 min video?




A BABY doing his own trade!!!!


Not to mention he’s talking.lol


Social Proof

Did you notice social proof in stock investing?

“Oh, Mr. X a super rich guy, is investing in the same stock I am invested in, I should be on the right stock.”

“Mr. A is investing in stock x, mr. B my friend is also in stock x, ms. Y is ALSO in stock x. There should be something wrong with me.”

Be aware on that psychological pitfall. 🙂

Think independently; invest only on stocks that YOU understand.
social proof

Even the angel fell on social proof! lol

Strengthening Peso Follow Up

A follow-up on my Jan 22 post:


Strengthening peso will benefit the following importing companies:





Strengthening peso will benefit the following company with large foreign denominated debt:




Is it just here in Bacolod that BPI service is ‘not so good’?

You got to know somebody or you should be what they consider as VIP for you to be accommodated well.

In contrast, BDO employees are very professional. They work fast and respect the time of their clients regardless of their net worth. They seem to be well trained in terms of client relationship. Idle employees had the initiative to accommodate waiting clients if the queue is already too long.

I like BDO’s service much better.
Tell me what you think about BDO or BPI’s service.

Can anyone tell me about china Bank? I only like their valuations, dividend yield, and balance sheet but I have no firsthand experience with their services.

The Moon, ANC- On the Money, Stock thoughts: MPI, AGI

The Moon

The moon was wonderful last night. (pardon my poor photography skills)




The ring around the moon is not a camera trick (or whatever the term should be.lol). It does look like that last night.


ANC- On the Money

If you have a chance, try watching today’s episode of ANC’s On the Money. They have an insightful guest.

Or you can wait until it is uploaded here:


They usually upload a week old video.



An investment lesson for me: In times of good economic condition, a company raising cash either through equity or debt issuance to invest in good businesses is not always a bad thing.

MPI and AGI are companies that generate low cash flows relative to the business that they are in. Therefore, it is obvious that both companies will raise more cash in the future to fund their growth.

I thought the increase in debt to equity ratio of these companies will shun the market due to the increase of risk that they are taking and value them lower. I am wrong.

A disclosure of MPI raising funds through equity issuance:


I expect MPI and AGI to raise more funds this year.

Funny, Stock thoughts: ORE, Strengthened Peso


I read this printed in the shirt of someone:

“Some say WE CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT LOVE, I think oxygen is more important.”



The spill incident by ORE’s subsidiary Citinickel is not financially damaging for the Company:


A fine of not more than P600k? What is that to a company that earns 500 million and generates 200+ million free cash flows?


Strengthened Peso

Strengthened peso damages the margins of some companies like I-Remit but it also benefits some companies.

The obvious business activity that will benefit on the strengthened peso is importation. Strengthened peso can also benefit a company’s balance sheet if it has substantial debt that is in foreign currency.

Find your next investment opportunity by asking yourself these questions:

What company imports and sells it here in the Philippines?

What company has huge foreign debt?

Happy hunting! 🙂


Shorter Campaign Time, Speed Reading, Happy Weekends!

Shorter Campaign Airtime



Speed Reading

Speed reading helped me a lot in investing. It allows me to read a lot of books in a short span of time.

I learned my speed reading skills in this book which I bought in National Bookstore 6 years ago for P500+:


Speed reading as taught in Buzan’s book is using your peripheral vision to capture 3-6 words when you read.

At first you will have a problem in comprehension but through practice, your comprehension will improve as well.

I capture only 3 words when I speed read and been practicing speed reading since the day I learned it.


Happy Weekends!

Nice song. 🙂


Do you decide straight from the gut?, Nice Quote, Good Writer, Stock Thoughts: ZHI

Do you decide straight from the gut?

Try these tests:

  1. A bat and a ball together costs $ 1.10 in total. The bat costs a dollar more than the ball. How much does the ball costs?
  2. If it takes five minutes for five machines to make five widgets, how long would it take 100 machines to make 100 widgets?
  3. In a lake there is a patch of lily pads. Every day the patch doubles in size. If it takes 48 days for the patch to cover the entire lake, how long will it take to cover half of the lake?



  1. $.10
  2. 100 minutes
  3. 24 days

Above are actually impulsive answers.


Real answers:

For question #1, you can use simple algebra to arrive at the answer of $0.05.

Let x= price of ball


2x=$1.10 – $1




For question #2, the output of a single machine is one widget for five minutes. So if there are 100 machines then it would take only 5 minutes to make 100 widgets.

For question #3, since the lily pads double in size everyday then a day before day 48, the pond was half covered. The answer is 47 days.

From: http://psych.fullerton.edu/MBIRNbAUM/PSYCH466/articles/Frederick_CRT_2005.pdf

Did you learn something that you can use in your stock investing? 🙂


Nice Quote

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.”

By Ayn Rand


Good Writer

I like this blogger:


I found his works excellent. 🙂

Especially this:




ZHI came ZHoomIng!

ZHI’s business plan to revitalize its business is its entry in the mining industry by entering into an operating agreement with Olympic International Sales Corporation which allows the ZHI to explore the latter’s mining claims in the province of Surigao del Sur.

As of September 30, 2012, ZHI has no MPSA.

No MPSA, not yet in commercial operations, net assets is worth P483k, no significant properties, but valued by the market at P1.5 billion.

What could be the reason that makes it worthy to be valued at P1.5 billion? Backdoor story perhaps?



As for me, I do not understand, I stay away.