Introducing FE Website!

My eagerness to learn in stock investing and to impart my learnings had lead me to start blogging on this site two years ago. This site had indeed help me to grow and evolve into a better stock investor.

The process of researching is tedious but organizing and presenting the information in an easy to comprehend way is the most challenging. But the readers and commenters of my articles had inspired me to improve my post through enhancing my researching and analytical skills. And as I look back, I believe that I have done pretty well. In fact my big winners were:intro1

However, just like an old saying goes, in every beginning there is an ending and in every ending there is a new beginning. I thank all of the readers that offered their support and constructive criticisms to me. After two years, you had all helped me to become a better stock investor and blogger. And as I become bolder and wiser, I am inviting all of you to walk with me in my new blog site and allow me to still be part of your stock investment journey.

This site will not only showcase unparalleled stock picking and trend analysis but I will also present the rationale on my personal stock selections and portfolio allocation. I believe that an investment process is affected by the following factors:

  1. Technique
  2. Portfolio allocation
  3. Investment psychology parallel

The site intends to share my stock investment process and to teach the readers the enumerated above three factors. For my journey to acquire my current stock picking skills was not easy. There are numerous bumps and hurdles along the way that I need to pass. But I was able to do things right because I have first done it not right.

I do not believe an investing acumen can be taught nor can it be emulated (if so then everybody would be Warren Buffett). One must find their own investing personality, get into the market and accumulate personal experience. But I do believe that other than personal experience, learning from other’s success and failure is one of the best way to learn. Thus, I hope that you will allow me to extend what I have learn to you through supporting me of my new endeavor.

Goodbye for now and see you soon at!

Happy investing!


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