A lot of catching up, Free Accounting Course, Stock thoughts: VMC, BEL, MER

A lot of catching up

I have a lot of catching up to do for this blog. Currently, I only have one requirement left to submit for my MBA which gave me some time to do work for the blog.


Free Accounting Course

There is an accounting course in coursera right now:


To those who are interested to be educated by a professor in Penn University. 🙂

Make sure to take notes because you will surely apply it in your stock investing.



When I made a post on VMC, I cited one of the risks of investing in the company are insiders selling specifically CVI and Narra.

A few weeks ago, I was informed that one of the insiders has no plans in selling their VMC shares in the market. So that leaves only one seller to be aware of, sadly I do not know his broker. Lol

Considering that VMC is just a few km away from my home, I can attest that they were doing well.

Looking forward for their 2013 fiscal year report.



To those who are interested, I profiled BEL here:




MER had surpassed the intrinsic value of P380. MER will start trading electricity in June, we can expect favorable earnings growth for MER this year.


3 thoughts on “A lot of catching up, Free Accounting Course, Stock thoughts: VMC, BEL, MER

  1. Yehey! I still have MER, i was tempted to Sell it when my TRC mentor send a SELL ALERT @380, and timely to switch the profit to MEG when it goes down 3.90.. i was waiting for MER to go down 380 but for some reason it stay above and even goes 390+ level, i’ll move my selling exit point to 385, if it failed to stay at 390. And maybe then MEG will give me a more big margin at 3.75 to switch my MER profit. But until that happens, ill keep my MER profits running. I so love the Philippine Stock Market!!! 🙂
    More power senor! I’m learning alot from all your post..


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