Missing out and Guide to buying Illiquid stocks

I was back from my seven-day vacation last tuesday and just finished updating myself today on what had happened in that past seven days that I was out in the market. I will resume posting next week, monday. 🙂

For the mean time, enjoy reading Jae Jun’s posts in http://www.oldschoolvalue.com especially the links that I presented below.

I highly recommend that you follow his blog.


Missing Out

In investing, I suggest that you remain emotionless and Jae Jun say it best:



Buying Illiquid Stocks

Undervalued stocks that I am interested in are often illiquid (thinly traded/ few buyers and sellers) especially ROX but I just can’t ignore a stock trading at substantially below their book value (less than 50%) and trading at PE ratio of less than 10x.

Jae Jun presented a strategy on how to accumulate illiquid stocks:






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