Stock thoughts: VUL


VUL will serve as a backdoor vehicle for National Bookstore:

This does not surprise me and I do not see it attractive. Anybody would care to point to me the growth potential of a bookstore? Sell more books abroad? Increase the prices? Go to digital like Amazon? Partnership with schools?

I honestly don’t know.


2 thoughts on “Stock thoughts: VUL

  1. Not that excited either. Its marketable though, like grocery and malls, due to the obsession with our resilient consumer sector and population growth (huge part of population between 20-30, lots of kids coming up). Every mall has a NBS so in a way it shares in the growth story of SMPH, or at least a PGOLD type of stock. Fundamentally boring but they can jack it up. In short this may be one more suited for charting and momentum investing.

    • “huge part of population between 20-30”

      I guess that explains why there are a lot of novels in national bookstore that are targeted for that demographic.

      Thanks for the insightful comment darthtrader.

      Will keep that in mind. 🙂


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