Direct Selling, Cheap Stock, Stock thoughts: CAL, LC, GLO, MPI

Direct Selling

I met a lot of people who are into direct selling. If you are one of them, Anton English has a lot of tips to offer:


Cheap Stock

What does a cheap stock really mean?

In my opinion, the above article describes Warren Buffett’s investment style. Warren Buffett looks at the future of business and values it while Ben Graham looks at the history of the business and values it. That is the stark difference between the master and the student.



CAL declared cash dividend of P.25:

The reason they declared the cash dividend is “significant revenue growth”. I agree, but at CAL’s earnings per share of P.32, a cash dividend of P.25 means giving away 78% of the earnings.

They should have conserved more cash for the business.

My opinion only.



LC is trying to convert their MPSA (mineral production sharing agreement) to FTAA (Financial or Technical Assistance Agreement) within this year.

This means that their foreign partner may be able to proceed to the development of LC’s mineral claims.

More about LC’s FTAA:

I wonder how they will circumvent EO79 with regards to FTAA….. We’ll see. 🙂



GLO eyes complete takeover of Bayantel:

Of course, why else would they buy Bayantel’s debt? lol

Looking forward for more disclosure. 🙂



As some of you may have noticed, Deutsche is selling a lot of MPI shares. Considering that MPI failed to get the express way project, Deutsche’s valuation model could probably be impaired. Thus, it should be expected that they will sell more of their position in the coming days.


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