Extension Requests, Stock thoughts: TA, AP, SMC

Extension Requests

It is weird to see a lot of companies requesting for the extension to file their SEC 17-A form (2012 financial statements).

Just saying. 🙂



I hope this disclosure would be enough to erase your doubts regarding BHP’s intention to drill on August 2013:


SLTEC construction will start in the 2nd half of this year:


Good thing TA has a lot of cash:


I will post the nature of Service Contracts (SC) and Mineral Production Sharing Agreements (MPSA) soon.

Last year TA declared share rights offering (SRO) in August, my wish is that they will do the same in August but match it with property dividend declaration so that they can peg the SRO at higher price.

Just a wish.



AP’s power barge charges at lower rate:


With lower oil, AP has lower cost of producing electricity which also means lower power rates for Mindanao. Not a bad news, a win-win for both parties. 🙂



SMC bag NAIA express way project:


Actually, I am worried on how SMC can finance this project. More debt and equity issuance perhaps?

Will look more on SMC.


4 thoughts on “Extension Requests, Stock thoughts: TA, AP, SMC

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  2. Hi Renzie,

    Any thoughts on COAL, HI, FDC and FLI. It will be much appreciated.



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