Learning from Mistakes, PH to Sustain 6% growth, Stock thoughts: ACR, LTG, MEG

Learning from Mistakes

Do you often hear these words?

“I should have bought stock X a year ago and I should be enjoying xx% gain now!”

“I should have followed my friend and I could have gained a lot!”

Do not fall into this type of thinking.

Thinking shudda-cudda-wudda will not help you become a better investor.

Look forward. Sharpen your saw even more. 🙂


PH to Sustain 6% growth

It is exciting to know that they expect the country to grow 6% until 2016:



Learn more about the breakdown of the GDP here:




ACR reminds me of TA. I’ll take note of this. 🙂

Looking for partners to finance 400 MW coal-fired power plant:




LTG to declare follow-on offering at 18~20.50:


More on LTG:




I appreciate MEG’s move to raise funds:


A good way to exploit the low interest rates. 🙂


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