North vs South Korea, Stock Thoughts: VMC, TA

North vs South Korea

There has been a fear that stock market will crash if war in Korea will push through.

Probably…. But should that happen it would be an opportunity to buy companies that you are interested in.

Ask a simple question before buying a battered stock (should a war happen):

In what way can a war in Korea disrupt the business of the companies that you are invested in?

Example: MER. Will people stop using electricity if there is war in Korea?


I would appreciate if anyone can share their thoughts on how a war in Korea could affect businesses here in the Philippines because I can’t think of any. 🙂



And VMC went up today closing in to my valuation of 1.70.

I sold VMC shares at a loss for my hypothetical conservative portfolio for the reason that insiders will keep on selling shares causing VMC’s stock price to continually trade at undervalued levels.



DOE threatens to cancel BHP Billiton’s service contract should it not fulfill its obligation in August:

A clarification from TA that the consortium did not seek extension:

Recall that the delays of the drilling were caused by local permitting issues not BHP Billiton’s incapacity to fulfill its obligation.


TA’s plans to drill 3 oil wells:


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