My Trade in TA, Stock Thoughts: MMI, TA

My Trade in TA

I sold TA at 2.28 last March 19, just for the sake of trying a simple thesis:

No property dividends to be announced in March 21 ASM will cause panic to most traders.

I bought back TA shares today at 2.18 generating me 2% gain net of fees. It was exciting and I confirmed time and time again that trading is NOT compatible with my personality.

Special thanks to spyfrat, my sugar trader friend, and my friend who traded with me in TA. They helped me in determining the exits and entry points. 🙂



“Rumor” has it that MMI will serve as a backdoor vehicle of Lucio Co’s Union Energy:

Take note that Union Energy will build a biomass plant in Nueva Ecija.



See the CEO’s buying:

An insider selling his/her shares would mean a lot (i.e. he/she needs cash to pay off expenses, he/she is happy for the gains, or negative news about the stock)

An insider buying would basically mean that the stock is cheap.

None that was disclosed this week impaired TA’s valuation. My opinion only.


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