Done!, EU Turmoil- Cyprus, Stock Thoughts: MBT


1 semester down, 4 to go! 🙂

I learned a lot that is worth sharing. I will be including a new category in this blog: MBA

Corporate Social Responsibility posts:


EU Turmoil- Cyprus

A tax that will charge 6.75% for 100k euro deposits and 9.9% on deposits above 100k euro is part of the agreement for Cyprus to receive the bail-out fund or the country will face default.

This decision will still be voted:

Do you think that the decision to tax the deposits will push through? I think it should. Painful, but it should.

Would it affect us? I think most of the consumer and energy industry will not be affected but should the market overreact, nobody is stopping you to take advantage of the market.

What companies will benefit the most? Selected companies in the gold mining industry.

More on gold:



Nice one MBT! 30% stock dividend! 🙂

The Company declared the property dividend as part of the Company’s increase in authorized capital stock.


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