Are you missing something?, Insurance as an Asset Diversification

Are you missing something?

Are you holding cash and still not invested in the market? Do you feel you missed the opportunity to profit?

Believe me, you are not missing anything. If you are not comfortable in investing your HARD EARNED money, then DON’T.

NOBODY LOSES money by not investing in the market. Focus on strengthening your competitive advantage rather than being always in a hurry to ride the train.

Spare a minute and a half to watch this video:

Always maintain your psychological composure and do not invest if you have no edge. With regards to “I bet it all”, don’t follow that! lol


Insurance as an Asset Diversification

Last Saturday, a good financial planner was the guest speaker for our MBA class. As I listened to him, I realized that a life insurance can be a form of diversification of your assets. Assuming that you are insured by P5m, of that amount you may have paid less than the P5m amount. Should you leave this world, the P5m may be used by your family to settle estate taxes and funeral expenses.

Considering that we are investing in the stock market, it would be wise to have a life insurance + medical insurance but without the investment element.

To know the standing of your insurance provider, you may check it out here:


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