Opportunity, Stock Thoughts: VLL, ORE, COAL


Assuming you are still in high school. What if your parents would request you to move heavy pots of flowers from the backyard to the front yard in the Morning and at noon you are tasked to move the same heavy pots back to the backyard? You are to do these tasks every day. How would you react to it?

Would you complain?


Would you just do it?


Would you innovate? Use a wheelbarrow to make the task easier.


Would you innovate and attempt to eliminate the task by knowing the objective of their request? You put a net over the flowers since the objective of moving the flowers is to avoid direct sunlight.

The world is full of circumstances that you can complain about. Why not accept the world as it is and exploit the opportunities that it presents?



Made a quick glance on VLL here:


I will post more “quick glance” stock coverage rather than the usual comprehensive stock reports. Comprehensive stock reports will still be posted weekly.

Thanks to a reader for the heads up on VLL.  He gave me A LOT of ideas and will try to cover it all. 🙂



ORE on the rise?

More on ORE here:


Be aware that nickel prices are mainly driven by demand from China. When China sneezes, nickel producers get sick too.



COAL up on news that it is accelerating commercial production:


Extraction of coal requires (Certificate of Compliance) COC from DOE and Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) from the DENR. Currently COAL COC is at exploration. In order to extract commercially, COAL has to get COC for development.

DOE granting that COC might be a good catalyst for the market to value COAL at P1.35.

More here:




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