Investment Video for Kids, Funny, Social Proof, Stock Thoughts: Strengthening Peso Follow Up, BDO vs BPI

Investment Video for Kids

Will your kids be interested about investing if he/she will be able to watch this 3 min video?



A BABY doing his own trade!!!!

Not to mention he’s


Social Proof

Did you notice social proof in stock investing?

“Oh, Mr. X a super rich guy, is investing in the same stock I am invested in, I should be on the right stock.”

“Mr. A is investing in stock x, mr. B my friend is also in stock x, ms. Y is ALSO in stock x. There should be something wrong with me.”

Be aware on that psychological pitfall. 🙂

Think independently; invest only on stocks that YOU understand.
social proof

Even the angel fell on social proof! lol

Strengthening Peso Follow Up

A follow-up on my Jan 22 post:

Strengthening peso will benefit the following importing companies:





Strengthening peso will benefit the following company with large foreign denominated debt:




Is it just here in Bacolod that BPI service is ‘not so good’?

You got to know somebody or you should be what they consider as VIP for you to be accommodated well.

In contrast, BDO employees are very professional. They work fast and respect the time of their clients regardless of their net worth. They seem to be well trained in terms of client relationship. Idle employees had the initiative to accommodate waiting clients if the queue is already too long.

I like BDO’s service much better.
Tell me what you think about BDO or BPI’s service.

Can anyone tell me about china Bank? I only like their valuations, dividend yield, and balance sheet but I have no firsthand experience with their services.

10 thoughts on “Investment Video for Kids, Funny, Social Proof, Stock Thoughts: Strengthening Peso Follow Up, BDO vs BPI

  1. Bro renz kamusta? may question lang ako, what do you mean by reversal of impairment losses on trade & other receivables and reversal of impairment losses on PPE? I just checked quarterly report of SGI. Their earnings were propelled by those 2 factors. Thanks! 😀

    • Reversals of impairment losses on trade and other receivables? SGI has that? In what year/quarter did you see that bro?

      Reversals of impairment
      2010 – Management thinks that P1 M of their receivable is worthless
      negative effect: Impairment losses on receivables P1 M and presented in the income statement

      2011 – Management collected 200k of the receivable they impaired and realized that the P1M is actually not impaired
      positive effect: reversal of impairment losses P1 M and presented in the income statement

      Good question bro. Congrats sa PCOR mo ha?hehehe sold our PCOR today as per instructed (not my own account) but should it be mine I’ll hold until 2014. 🙂

      • Konti lang PCOR ko haha congrats din! Ikaw ata loaded 🙂

        Sept 2012 bro check mo. Taas ng Net income nila dahil dito.

        reversals of impairment losses on trade/receivables = 108,743,948

        reversals of impairment losses on PPE = 350,000,000

        Mukhang possible of 100% increase of net income sa 2012 annual report? ano tingin mo bro? Laki rin cash nila

  2. Ah… I see. Lodged pala sa finance income. 350 M was their gain on their sale of Destiny Cable assets. Th 108 M might also be related to the Destiny cable assets.

    Their EPS for 2012 will probably be higher than their P.51 EPS this 3Q.

    Do you remember the price action for JGS? The one time gain caused by the sale DGTL cause JGS EPS to be at P3.1 for 2011. After the disclosure, the market pushed JGS stock price up to 32 from 24.

    Possible de ja vu for SGI perhaps?

    SGI’s cash now may be exploited to meet increase demand for their products. I will review SGI tonight bro.

  3. Yes bro I remember that one. Exciting to hahaha. Alright thanks a lot! Anyway I found this article published 01 January 2013.

    “Destiny Cable was sold by the Lim-owned Solid Group Inc. to SkyCable for P1,222,830,406.” How come bro sa FS nila 458M lang ang gain? Perhaps there’s more to come on 4Q earnings?

  4. Bro,

    My valuation for SGI is at P2.50~P2.70. That is using a profit margin of 10% and PE ratio of 10x. I ignored the one time gain. I’ll wait for 1Q 2013 results (May 15) and see how the margin will be doing.

    Interesting case study ‘tong SGI bro ah. Thanks for bringing this up.:)

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