The Moon, ANC- On the Money, Stock thoughts: MPI, AGI

The Moon

The moon was wonderful last night. (pardon my poor photography skills)




The ring around the moon is not a camera trick (or whatever the term should It does look like that last night.


ANC- On the Money

If you have a chance, try watching today’s episode of ANC’s On the Money. They have an insightful guest.

Or you can wait until it is uploaded here:

They usually upload a week old video.



An investment lesson for me: In times of good economic condition, a company raising cash either through equity or debt issuance to invest in good businesses is not always a bad thing.

MPI and AGI are companies that generate low cash flows relative to the business that they are in. Therefore, it is obvious that both companies will raise more cash in the future to fund their growth.

I thought the increase in debt to equity ratio of these companies will shun the market due to the increase of risk that they are taking and value them lower. I am wrong.

A disclosure of MPI raising funds through equity issuance:

I expect MPI and AGI to raise more funds this year.


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