Funny, Stock thoughts: ORE, Strengthened Peso


I read this printed in the shirt of someone:

“Some say WE CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT LOVE, I think oxygen is more important.”



The spill incident by ORE’s subsidiary Citinickel is not financially damaging for the Company:

A fine of not more than P600k? What is that to a company that earns 500 million and generates 200+ million free cash flows?


Strengthened Peso

Strengthened peso damages the margins of some companies like I-Remit but it also benefits some companies.

The obvious business activity that will benefit on the strengthened peso is importation. Strengthened peso can also benefit a company’s balance sheet if it has substantial debt that is in foreign currency.

Find your next investment opportunity by asking yourself these questions:

What company imports and sells it here in the Philippines?

What company has huge foreign debt?

Happy hunting! 🙂



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