Amazing, My brother, Stock Thoughts: AT, VMC


Do you have five minutes to spare? Watch Chris Camillo’s interview in Bloomberg, the guy who turned $20k to $2 million.

Does his investment technique match your personality? Take only what is useful for your investment.


My brother

My brother is a mechanical engineer who now is already an MBA (he graduated last October). How can he take MBA despite his time demanding day job?!

Oh yeah right. I should start by not complaining about the constraints and be composed mentally and approach the problem at hand systematically. *inhale deep* *exhale slowly*



Surprising disclosure from AT:

Or is it really surprising?

89.92 million lbs. Cu and 12,333 troy oz. of gold will generate an EPS of P1.25~P1.30 for AT using the following assumptions:

Cu – $3.65

Gold – $1,600/ troy oz.

Profit margin – 20%

Forex rate – P40/$


Just meeting my projections here:

Meeting my projected EPS yet valued way above my projected valuation. Definitely overvalued.

My opinion only.

Adjusting my hypothetical conservative portfolio.



The company attracted me due to its deleveraging activities and diversification of revenue source through its entry to the power industry. I discovered VMC’s plan of entry in the power industry while doing my due diligence in GREEN last December but I only initiated position after Premier Network bought 20%+ interest of VMC from a huge shareholder that has been selling down VMC shares since the lifting of trading suspension.

More here:


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