Stock Thoughts: TSI, OM, POPI, VITA, IS


Luckily I did not buy any TSI. Partly due to istifen’s heads up with regards to TSI’s lock-up period:

But largely because the Mercury drug backdoor was not confirmed by the company yet. It would be nice if it’s true though.

And this afternoon, the TSI disclosed that there is no basis for such rumor:



Speaking of backdoor….

I was looking at OM. Not in commercial operations. No long term debt. But current market cap and legal proceedings would surely put anyone off.

Anybody have thoughts on backdoor candidates?


I think POPI is to recognize substantial increase in revenues in the future due to its hotel operations. However, the fire incident that can cause POPI a nonrecurring loss of P25 M affected their promising business development.

POPI is currently trading at P0.56 but with a BV of 0.87. Will be watching this.


I didn’t see VITA touching .90 last Friday. 😦

Next time.


What a volatile stock.

I don’t think that the Company’s plans to restructure its capital will do any good for the company.

The best way, IMHO, is for them to make good business.

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