What I learned, Stock Thoughts: PSEi, MER, TSI, GREEN, LPZ

In my experience in the stock market I realized that what I needed are:

  1. Research and analytical skills (included here is good interpersonal skill)
  2. Portfolio management
  3. Managing psychological responses

As we go on in the years to come and look back to what we are doing here now, we will marvel on how much we had improved.

I am a humble student of the stock market (and forever will be) and I will look forward on hearing your thoughts regarding your learning and experiences in the stock market. 🙂



Just yesterday the market was saying that they do not mind the high PE ratio because Philippine companies have promising growth potential.

Now it’s saying that the market is trading at high PE multiples and should correct.

My guess is that when it is going to be red on Monday, market would say that it is down due to fiscal cliff woes.

Mr. Market, Mr. Market, Mr. Market



Battered to as low as 258. I find it unreasonable.



Backdoor rumor!!!  lol



New Directors!



Google them, they appear to have the wealth of experience.



Price action does not worry me a bit.

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