Stock Thoughts: FGEN vs GTCAP, AT, PX, EDC


Now I see how GTCAP and FGEN are equally valued.

After wondering why FGEN is battered and GTCAP enjoying the spot light, I reviewed my analysis regarding the two companies. I conservatively estimate GTCAP to recognize an EPS of 31.57 while FGEN was originally estimated to have an EPS of 1.01 for 2012 but since 3Q EPS already stands at 1.73 let’s use 1.80.

GTCAP at its current price commands a PE ratio of 21x and FGEN at 12x PE.

Oh! Wait, did I say equally valued?



Before I had my severe eye strain I was digging on this company and finally released it in December 11 to my clients.

Luckily just yesterday, Carmen Copper, a wholly owned subsidiary of AT declared P1 B cash div and probably served as a catalyst to push the price up to its value of 18.75 for 2013.

Hmmm, I wonder how far the price of AT could go if copper prices peak in 1Q or 2Q of 2013?

(I release stock reports in my blog or in traderscamp with a week delay)



Everybody knows that the price of PX would go up again once the Company resumes its commercial operation in 2H of 2013 but everybody too is waiting for the bottom. Lol

I won’t be surprise if it plunges again on the news that it pays P1 B for environmental damages.

Should you be worried? The answer is no. They can pay.



EDC’s price battered to as low as 6.65? It doesn’t make sense. My guess is this is due to delay of the Bacman Geothermal power plant.


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