GET ANGRY! Stock thoughts: MIH, LPZ, GREEN

In ANC’s On the Money, the guest shared his advice on how to get out of debt. He said one should first GET ANGRY about his debt.

My thinking, if I get angry over my debt and it will take 2 years for me to get out of my debt, would that mean I’ll be angry for 2 years? That would be stressful. Lol

My mind set over things that needs motivation to get it done is: “Just do it.”

No more fuss.



Déjà Vu on what happened to AAI that became BLOOM?

Melco Crown bought MIH for approximately P2.24 per share. The argument for buying MIH would probably be:

  1. Melco will generate cash flow for this company.
  2. MIH will settle higher than its tender offer price, similar to AAI.

We’ll, as for me, I do not understand it. Lol

I do not understand, I do not touch.


LPZ has a lot of volume traded today with DEUTSCHE buying plenty of LPZ for an average of 6.50.



GREEN’s disclosure today:

The part of the disclosure that matters to me is Biomass Holdings Inc. (BHI)’s manner of subscription.

First tranche is P200 M subscription and the second tranche is P467 M. The second tranche shall be held in an escrow account. Escrow account is an account held by a third party which means since BHI and SCBI are parties to the transaction, neither of them.

The P467M is the amount paid by Cleantech. The 200M is part of the P252M  that GREEN should contribute in BHI.

Before all of the above will happen:

  1. SEC should approve SCBI’s increase in capital stock
  2. Reputable financial institutions should finance SCBI

What if reputable financial institutions will not finance SCBI or SEC not approving the increase in capital stock?

Not a bad news, GREEN will still have the cash. And GREEN will still have to raise P252 M pursuant to their agreement with Cleantech.


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