Emotionless or Just Rational? Stock updates: LPZ, GREEN, APX

Check out how Roger Federer plays tennis:


He is considered the best tennis player of all time. Notice how calm his face was during the game? How do you describe him? Emotionless or rational?

I tried imitating Federer’s “emotionless” state in playing tennis but I always fail to do it. My emotions burst out of me every time I made an erroneous stroke or get frustrated on my serve. But in one practice game, I realized that by just focusing on the proper form I can manage to have the state that I am after. Emotions are signals that the body sent to the brain to signify something and therefore should not be suppressed but rather understood. I am not being emotionless in the game, I am being rational.

In investing, stock market gyrations do not affect me because the prices of my stocks will not affect the business of the company I own. If CHIB’s stock price decline by 20%, it does not mean that CHIB will stop doing business. Emotionless? Just rational.

I understand that others view the stock prices as signals. If CHIB declined 20% then there should be something bad. In order for you not to panic in times like that, you should do your own tons of due diligence.



Finally! We can now be certain that GLO’s tender offer will be successful!


The successful tender offer is only the first step of our speculation in LPZ. After GLO’s successfully purchase BTI’s debts we can sit back, relax, and wait for GLO’s future move.

So what if GLO buy LPZ’s BTI?

Then LPZ’s balance sheet will then be free of P8 billion debt or an increase in book value of P1.85 and earnings will increase by P.04.

More here.


APX shows off their disaster preparedness:


It means that APX’s operation and assets are well protected from natural calamities. Good news! But I want the resource estimates. lol





And it does not mean anything for us speculators. lol

Wohoo! December 11 is next weeeeeeeek!!! 🙂


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