Severe Eye Strain and Stock Thoughts: AGI, GREEN, & LPZ

I had a severe eye strain in the past two days. I am not the type of person that easily complains about the pain I feel but last monday 2:30 AM. My headache is just unbearable. I immediately met my ophthalmologist and I was advised to take 2 days off.

I did not look at my laptop or tv for 2 days and I’m feeling good now.:)


Gosh AGI! What are you talking about hiking CAPEX by P40B next year?!

Where would AGI source the needed cash? Through a combination of debt and equity issuance?

AGI should make sure to generate enough returns for the P40B capex. I am looking forward for AGI’s future disclosure regarding where they will spend the P40B.

I have a projected debt to equity ratio of .96 for AGI which is at par to MPI’s and JGS’.


Nice one GREEN. 🙂

Ever wonder where will they will source the P667 million? The conditions appear to be favoring the live case


Latest disclosure that might affect LPZ:

GLO did not increase the tender offer price to $310 to attract more BTI debt but it is in accordance with the stipulated conditions:

  1. $280, if the acceptance level is less than 75%
  2. $290, if the acceptance level is greater than 75% but less than 80%
  3. $300, is the acceptance level is equal to or greater than 80% but less than 85%
  4. $310, if the acceptance level is equal to or greater than 85%

Currently 90+% are tendered.

To recall, the tender offer shall be valid if:

  1. At least 70% of the remaining principal amount of BTI debt is tendered
  2. At least 70% of the principal amount of RCPI debt is tendered.

Good news! GLO waived condition #2.

To my understanding, we could expect GLO to disclose between the dates December 11-13 or on December 21 (the settlement date) a press release regarding a successful tender offer.


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