Stock Thoughts: LC/LCB, LPZ, & GREEN


LC/LCB’s decline began when EO 79 was announced.

The story of LC is their potential 40% interest in Far Southeast Gold Resources, Inc. (FSGRI) which is believed to have an estimated gold reserve of 19 million troy oz. Those who purchase LC/B for this story need not to worry since the gold reserve did not disappear after the release of EO 79. EO 79 only delays the entry of LC’s foreign partner, Gold Fields, since Financial or Technical Assistance Agreement (FTAA) is still not allowed until the approval of new mining tax rates.

In my opinion, those who have this can hold it but never add position. Those who had none may wait for the issuance of FTAA to Gold Fields before buying.

More on LC here and here.


GLO is extending again the deadline of the tender offer until December 11.


Special stockholder’s meeting will be held on December 11.

SM Savemore will hold their grand opening in our area on December 11.

I think I should cook breakfast on December 11 to make it even more


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