Making use of the time

I am planning to post a stock report today but I have problems with uploading the images. I’ll try posting it tomorrow or on Sunday. 😦

To make use of the time I spent logging on to my wordpress account, allow me to share to you the poem I made when I was in high school. Would love to hear your thoughts about it. 🙂

What you thought

Ignoring scary stories he always hear,

A brave kid entered the forest without fear.

He feels something strange, his heart began to pound.

But he sees nothing, nothing! As he look around.

“How dare you enter here? Without fear?”

A voice from nowhere said the words to his ear.

“I’m here to see things and prove it on my own.”

Said the kid bravely challenging the unknown.

With displeasure the voice from nowhere replied,

“Leave! There is time that things are being revealed.”

Foolish kid! Instead of fear bravery builds.

“Ha! and tell me when? When? Up until I died?”

The person of the voice showed up, angry.

“I warned you, you’ve done nothing but folly.”

Poor kid, can’t even keep his two feet steady.

Can’t bear to see the thing he wanted to see.

The monster grabbed the kid just like a fly.

The kid can’t let go he first thought he can’t die.

In the monster’s grasp he is striving with dread,

But still can’t escape, the kid is cold and dead.

Obviously a low quality poem.ahahaha But I find it cute that I made it during my physics class. No wonder I got 75.ahahahahaha!

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