Pay It Forward

Have you watched the film Pay It Forward? You better do.

Watch the trailer here:

The lead star Trevor, an 11 year old kid had an idea to change the world. What is it?
You start by helping three people with something that they cannot do by themselves and let that three people express their gratitude by help another three people the same way you did and the process goes on.

It is a very good idea but not realistic. There is one fundamental flaw in the process; it is not a win/win situation!

The world can never be always a win/win situation but a simple look in the idea of “Pay It Forward” we can actually make it a win/win situation.

I tweaked it a bit. Why not do your best to improve your skills, find like minded people, and share it to the world?

Notice the three differences:
1.   Focused on helping yourself first
2.   Interdependence
3.   Sharing to the world

How could you expect to help other people if you cannot help yourself first? Know what you do best and focus on improving it.

Interdependence is very important. Finding like minded people will help you improve your skills through sharing of experiences and thoughts.

Sharing to the world will increase our odds of finding people that are willing to pay it forward. Never expect 100% of the people that will see you do good will pay it forward. The world does not necessarily be the whole world but it can be your community, work place, or classroom.

For example, if you are a high school teacher, then read books that can greatly enhance your skills to be an even more effective teacher. Read books to better understand high school students and help them explore their potentials. Boost their self esteem and acknowledge your role as a second parent. Find a group that you can share experiences with. Do not be limited to your school but exploit the internet.

You win because you improved your skills as a teacher and met new friends but they also win because you help your students feel good and become better citizens of this country. A win/win situation.

If you are a call center agent, read more about the best practices of your job. Strive to make every people that talk to you feel good and feel important after your conversation. Do not make being patient as a hard task to do or label it as stressful but rather a trait that is normal to you.

You win because you improved yourself, your attitude, your English skills but they also win because you made your clients feel good. A win/win situation.

As for me, I will do my best to post quality information in this blog to help people that are interested in investing in Philippines stocks. Beginning investors who are interested to learn investing and experienced investors who are looking for ideas will be catered in this blog. I will also make my thread in a venue to share ideas with fellow investors.

I win because writing will force me to research more about a topic thus increasing my knowledge and readers of this blog and my thread will win because they will learn more. A win/win situation.

I am planning to test this idea for five years. Let’s see if we can make a difference.

For year 1, I will make this blog and my thread in a go to site for beginning and sophisticated investors.

What is your way of making a difference? Please post it below. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Pay It Forward

  1. Btw, my way of making a difference is thru continous learning and self improvement. And then sharing whatever i have learned to other people.
    My goal is to inspire all the people that i’ve interact to of having a TRULY RICH life..

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    • Thank you for the nice words Trading Phoenix! May you also have prosperous years ahead!

      I noticed that you have no “Follow” or RSS feed in your blog, it would be interesting if you have that feature. 🙂

  3. Thank you for putting up this blog. I’m a novice trader. I have little or no knowledge of both FA and TA. But I was inspired to start my own blog (although I’m partial to TA because I suck at FA) by professional bloggers like you and Trading Phoenix. Keep the fire burning!

  4. Renzie,

    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. Now there’s renewed hope in investing wisely, en route to deeper learning.

    Keep on blogging! There are a lot of us out there who continue to be enlightened about the world of investing through your posts.


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