Knowing Yourself

In stock investing knowing your risk tolerance is very much helpful.

You may answer the following questions:

1.   Which of these three cars would you prefer to drive?
a.   Ferrari
b.   Jeep
c.   Volvo

2.   You would rather eat?
a.   At a new, exotic locale you’ve never been to
b.   At your favorite restaurant
c.   Leftovers at home

3.   You meet someone at the party who you’ve ehard is a successful broker. He gives you a stock tip. Do you…
a.   Call your broker immediately and buy shares?
b.   Ask other people their opinion of this broker and this stock?
c.   Ignore it

4.   If speed limit is 65 do you….
a.   Drive at 75?
b.   Drive between 65 and 74?
c.   Drive below 65

5.   Your cat gets stuck up a tree. Do you…
a.   Climb the tree yourself?
b.   Climb a ladder and carry her down?
c.   Call somebody else?

6.   You are given Php 500,000 from your rich uncle for your birthday. Do you….
a.   Spend it all?
b.   Invest it?
c.   Keep it in a lockbox?

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